A Slick Site for Speed Freaks

Posted Aug 1, 2016 & filed under Work

Firebird Raceway is a Treasure Valley institution. But its website was downright institutional: A static HTML site that had to be updated daily by a programmer. It was a situation that wasn’t cutting it for our clients, or for today’s ever-churning racing world.


Since 1968, Firebird Raceway has been offering high-speed thrills to Treasure Valley racing fans. Founded by Bill and Ellanor New, the raceway is now owned and operated by the second generation of “The New Crew.” Their revamped website had to build on what they call the “Firebird experience”: affordable, action-packed fun for everyone from the youngest fans to old racing hands.

We wanted to the new website to reflect the speed with which the racing scene changes every day, but also to reflect the history of the raceway and its unique commitment to providing accessible fun. Our solution was a WordPress site with a content management system that gives Firebird full control over the content and photos that appear on the website, including a cache of historic photos in the Blast From the Past gallery. Racers (and racing fans) can now easily track points thanks to the Super Pro points list, a must-have during big, signature Firebird races like the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals. A regularly updated blog gives fans the info they crave before every big race.

The design of the site gives the user a feeling of momentum, with text that slants right, as if a drag racer has just sped by. The black-and-grey color scheme is punctuated with pops of dark blue and red, and new features like embedded video contribute to the overall experience: inclusive, exciting, tons of fun.