What ‘Whip/Nae Nae’ taught us about social media monitoring

Posted Dec 4, 2015 & filed under Technology, Confab

We’re big fans of “Whip/Nae Nae” around here (and not just because it’s an earworm). It’s because — crazy as it sounds — it had a big part in showing us the power of social media monitoring.

See, our clients aren’t new to social media. Nearly everyone has some presence these days, either on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or more. But how should our clients make the most of that presence? How can they convert all of those followers into evangelists — and sales? It’s no longer enough to just have the data. Without a great analytics tool, you can’t move your social strategy forward.

It wasn’t until we started using our own in-house social media monitoring tool that we began harnessing the power of our clients’ data. Our tool gives you a real-time window into how your brand experience is playing out among your audience. It’s kind of like having a private eye for your brand, one that can search through areas of the internet you didn’t even know your brand was frequenting.

Like Buzzfeed.

Real-Time Monitoring

We work with a university in Pennsylvania and use our tool to monitor mentions about the brand and capture alerts whenever there is a high amount of activity on the major social media sites or on blog posts. We’re alerted by email and text when there is a spike, and one Saturday we were tipped off because the university’s football team was in its third overtime and social media was blowing up with excitement over the game.

But the biggest spike came later, when the university president and the football team were captured doing the “Whip/Nae Nae” and the video hit the megasite Buzzfeed.com. Landing on Buzzfeed is a huge coup for any brand, and our insights were able to help the university make the most of the viral video.

That’s the genius of our monitoring tool. With it, we can respond quickly to real-time activity and measure whether what’s being said about the brand is positive, neutral, or negative. We can see what’s happening across industries, customers, competitors. When crises occur, we can respond from one central monitoring tool. And when there’s gold to be mind in your social world, we can mine it.

Like awesome opportunities.


Mining for Goldtweet

On another occasion, we were monitoring a tourism account for a client when our tool picked up a mention by the singer Marc Anthony, who was performing a concert in the region. Marc had spent the day with elementary school students and tweeted about it; he’s not a follower of the tourism account we work on, but we did want access to his 8 million followers (8 million!). Our monitoring tool gave us the chance to gather that tidbit of information and interact with a massive social media presence.

But understanding and reporting these opportunities and spikes is only half the battle. Analytics are where our social media monitoring tool really shines.


Super Easy Analysis and Monitoring

Our reports are clean, easy-to-use, and insightful. You won’t have to spend one minute more than necessary generating reports. And you can cut back on your expenses — what if you didn’t have to devote time to keeping up spreadsheet analyses or use employee hours to track social media? With our monitoring tool, we’re able to reveal your data’s true value. We can tell you which products or services or ideas are resonating with your customers and where you might need to fine tune.


Having an online presence and harvesting tons of data is great, but your information will be wasted if you don’t put it to work for you. With accurate social media monitoring, you can customize your responses and make your social media strategy pop. You’ll save time, money, and focus your efforts on what’s really important — growing your brand.



Want to find out how our social media monitoring tool can give your brand a boost? Drop me a line at paul@carewco.net.