Meet Makenzie

Posted May 16, 2017

Makenzie Phillips

We’re so excited to announce that Makenzie Phillips is joining our office — not just because she’s hilarious, incredibly talented, and freakishly organized, but because she represents a turning point for Carew Co.

We’ve experienced a steady surge of growth over the past several years, yet we’ve kept to our original structure: Paul meets with clients and handles most of their day-to-day needs, while our fantastic designers handle the bulk of the creative work. It’s led to great relationships and projects that we’re proud of, but we felt we could crank our service up a notch by hiring a Relationship Director whose sole responsibility would be catering to our clients’ needs. We felt like we hit the office jackpot when we met Makenzie.

We couldn’t pick a better person for this new role. Her background is in body language (she’s a researcher who teaches on the subject at Boise State). Her personal obsessions include the way people communicate, color-coded organizational systems, and Boston terriers. She’s a stickler for workflow and proper management. She’s here to whip this office into even better shape, and we’re ready for it.

So the next time you call the office, say hello. She’ll be the one on the other end of the line.

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