Vale Wine Co. Website

Posted Jan 27, 2009 & filed under Technology, Boise, Culture, New Work

We're fortunate to have met Winemaker John & Vicki Danielson and their business partners. They are great clients/people who were active participants in the process are open to our ideas and opinions along the way. Due to this balance and ability to be trusted guides in our exploration, the result is something we're very proud of.

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Urban Winemakers Cooperative

Posted Dec 19, 2008 & filed under Boise, Community, Culture, New Work

Out of a savvy business idea came a great creative opportunity.

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Ryan Lascano

Posted Oct 24, 2008 & filed under Boise, Culture, News

Ryan joins our team by way of Noot Group, where he spent the past couple years as a designer. Prior to that, Ryan graduated from the Art Institute of Orange County, got his hands dirty at a print shop doing production, and rolled up his sleeves at a Los Angeles-based Architecture firm.

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Logo or Brand Identity?

Posted Jul 28, 2008 & filed under Boise, Culture, Events, Featured, News, Opinion, Statistics

Both logos and brand identities demand the skill set of a visual designer and conceptual thinker. A logo requires an exploration of typography, color, symbology/iconography. Crafting a brand identity requires those important raw materials, as well a search for more meaning and deeper knowledge of what the organization truly stands for. The end goal is to visually represent the brand to attract your "sweet spot" target audience to your brand.

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Martini Mix Off

Posted May 2, 2008 & filed under Boise, Culture, Events, New Work

I enjoyed total creative freedom and was able to execute an illustrative concept — something I don't do as often as I'd like. When I started Carew Co. in July, I called up the folks in charge of the event and volunteered to design the poster. I requested both creative freedom and the ability to create a companion piece to the previous poster I designed. The clients were pleased with the arrangement, as the 2005 poster received the most positive response.

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How to Build Deeper Relationships

Posted Mar 23, 2008 & filed under Technology, Boise, Culture

A huge thank you to the Idaho Wines Commission for inviting me to speak on the topic of "How to Build Deeper Relationships With Your Customers." The talk addressed the importance of crafting original content as a technique to build more meaningful relationships with customers. By adding more content on the web and pushing it out via email, it's possible to forge strong connections and generate deep loyalty. Combine these goals with new media technologies and the possibilities are endless. The talk also addressed some specific ways to measure the results of marketing campaigns through use of tools like Google Analytics and Email marketing.

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The Elongated Tail

Posted Dec 13, 2007 & filed under Technology, Culture

You may be familiar with the book, "The Long Tail," by Chris Anderson. I learned about it at a week-long AIGA session at Harvard School of Business from a classmate. He happened to work at Exact Target and was very up on the trend (Hey, Ryan!). For those of you who haven't read it yet: it's about the phenomenon of businesses like and Netflix, who are able to sell a greater volume of rare or difficult to find items at small volumes than of popular items at large volumes. It's all about operations and distribution -- a strong model can allow for this situation to be financially feasible.

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Jaloguin in Bogota

Posted Nov 15, 2007 & filed under Culture

While in Colombia, I made it a point to pay attention to the design of South American culture. We happened to be in Bogota during Halloween (or, "Jaloguin"). Culturally, this is a much bigger deal that it is in the States -- a full week long celebration (or, excuse to party hard for days). On "Dia de la Muerte," we happened to be in the town of Chia and I ran across an event poster that was mesmerizing (See a large view here). There were cutout masks of the "happy skull" graphic that could be worn over your face. They were everywhere.I love the use of patterns -- very typical in South American culture. Colombia is a very colorful place; I've never seen so much of the color yellow (used very tastefully, by the way)

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New Work: Cinder Wines Website

Posted Oct 30, 2007 & filed under Work, Culture

When winemaker Melanie Krause called me to help out with Cinder, I almost fell out of my chair. Working on a wine brand is every graphic designer's dream job.The name "Cinder" hints at the volcanic soil of the Snake River Valley AVA where vineyards are located (learn more on the "Wines" page of the website). After discussing the vision and researching other Idaho wine brands, it was clear that simplicity and would be a differentiator on the shelves. The wine is still being produced, so we'll unveil the bottle labels when the time is right (sometime in early 2008).

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Mark Your Calendars for "Helvetica"

Posted Oct 20, 2007 & filed under Boise, Culture

The prolific typeface, Helvetica, celebrates it's 50th birthday in 2007. What better way to celebrate than a screening of the documentary film "Helvetica," by Gary Hustwit. A screening is being presented by AIGA Idaho at The Flicks -- be sure to mark your calendars for December 11th.I'll drop a few names for you designer-types out there:
"Interviewees in Helvetica include some of the most illustrious and innovative names in the design world, including Erik Spiekermann, Matthew Carter, Massimo Vignelli, Wim Crouwel, Hermann Zapf, Neville Brody, Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Bierut, David Carson, Paula Scher, Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere-Jones, Experimental Jetset, Michael C. Place, Norm, Alfred Hoffmann, Mike Parker, Bruno Steinert, Otmar Hoefer, Leslie Savan, Rick Poynor, Lars Muller, and many more."

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