How to Build Deeper Relationships

Posted Mar 23, 2008 & filed under Technology, Boise, Culture

A huge thank you to the Idaho Wines Commission for inviting me to speak on the topic of "How to Build Deeper Relationships With Your Customers." The talk addressed the importance of crafting original content as a technique to build more meaningful relationships with customers. By adding more content on the web and pushing it out via email, it's possible to forge strong connections and generate deep loyalty. Combine these goals with new media technologies and the possibilities are endless. The talk also addressed some specific ways to measure the results of marketing campaigns through use of tools like Google Analytics and Email marketing.

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You Need a Blog

Posted Feb 1, 2008 & filed under Technology, Opinion

I've been discussing blogging recently with many of my peers, clients, partners (and anyone who will listen). Blogging is an simple way to create a personality, highlight expertise, and make deeper connections with your customers. Also, you get higher search engine rankings due to these activities -- that should be a good reason for any business (especially, if your competitors aren't blogging). Given that blog software is mostly free, and has a built-in Content Management System -- it also happens to be very inexpensive to set up.

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The Elongated Tail

Posted Dec 13, 2007 & filed under Technology, Culture

You may be familiar with the book, "The Long Tail," by Chris Anderson. I learned about it at a week-long AIGA session at Harvard School of Business from a classmate. He happened to work at Exact Target and was very up on the trend (Hey, Ryan!). For those of you who haven't read it yet: it's about the phenomenon of businesses like and Netflix, who are able to sell a greater volume of rare or difficult to find items at small volumes than of popular items at large volumes. It's all about operations and distribution -- a strong model can allow for this situation to be financially feasible.

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How to Ruin a Web Design

Posted Sep 30, 2007 & filed under Technology, Opinion

I've recently enjoyed an article about the pitfalls of design by committee, called "How to Ruin a Web Design — The Design Curve". The author sarcastically writes about the situation of "design by committee" (and has some great charts to "prove" it). The article is humorous, but makes a great point: more time spent or more people involved does not equal better work. The situation can take on external factors and lose the focus of the intended target audience.

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In-House Marketing Can Look Good

Posted Aug 29, 2007 & filed under Technology

In my former life at Oliver Russell, I worked on many projects for Hewlett-Packard targeting small businesses for printers, toner, paper, etc. For HP, targeting small businesses is big business. In-house marketing is a smart consideration for many businesses (specifically smaller ones) -- the cost benefits are easy to see.

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The Proud Owner of an iPhone

Posted Jul 16, 2007 & filed under Technology, Culture

I'm a full-on Apple guy. I've owned over a dozen Apple computers and have purchased three iPods over the years. I'd say I'm a fan of the Apple brand. No question about it.

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Google Mapplets are public

Posted Jul 12, 2007 & filed under Technology

In an effort to further take over the world, Google has released Google Mapplets to the public. This new visualization tool is incredibly powerful. Having the ability to see images and additional content tied to geographical information is handy as hell. For example, the image to the left shows the famous image of the flag being raised on Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwa Jima ("Famous Photos" mapplet).It's very easy to add content to your Google Maps. Simply click the "My Maps" tab and add content.

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