New Work: M2E Power Website

Posted Dec 31, 2007 & filed under Work

Working with start-ups is a very rewarding opportuniy -- it's an honor to be involved at the ground floor (especially with a groundbreaking new, green technology). Boise-based M2E Power, leverages science based on the "Faraday Principle" to turn kinetic energy into power (to charge batteries and eventually mobile devices).After learning more about the physics associated with the technology, Carew Co. crafted a unique visual language for use in all marketing materials. These graphic elements support the scientific nature and specific applications of the technology, and create brand consistency. After defining a visual language, it was time to design the M2E Power web presence. The new website is the first application of the company look and feel.

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New Work: WolfWare TableWare

Posted Nov 2, 2007 & filed under Work

It was a flattering experience when fine artist and illustrator Elizabeth Wolf asked for help with a new business idea. I've always been a huge fan of her illustration work ("Zooman and the Sign" is one of my favorites).Liz has taken her artwork to a new canvas -- tableware. Every piece is custom, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind tableware. Not only are they custom -- each piece is customized. Liz works with her customers to create artwork that meets their vision.

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New Work: Cinder Wines Website

Posted Oct 30, 2007 & filed under Work, Culture

When winemaker Melanie Krause called me to help out with Cinder, I almost fell out of my chair. Working on a wine brand is every graphic designer's dream job.The name "Cinder" hints at the volcanic soil of the Snake River Valley AVA where vineyards are located (learn more on the "Wines" page of the website). After discussing the vision and researching other Idaho wine brands, it was clear that simplicity and would be a differentiator on the shelves. The wine is still being produced, so we'll unveil the bottle labels when the time is right (sometime in early 2008).

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Speculative Work Vs. Pro Bono

Posted Oct 26, 2007 & filed under Work, Opinion

I've had a couple recent conversations with local organizations about the difference between spec and pro bono. My point in blogging about it is not to bring attention to those situations, but to help clarify the difference. I do a ton of low- and pro-bono design work -- I believe it's a designer's responsibility to help in any way we can. As a new business owner, I'm in no position to give money (yet), but, I often donate my services to help causes I believe in (or good people I want to help).

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Encourage Dissent in Decision-Making

Posted Oct 9, 2007 & filed under Work, Opinion

A recent article from the Harvard Business School titled, "Encouraging Dissent in Decision-Making," points out the value of speaking up (and leaders being able to listen up). I agree with much of what the article states -- I can't count how many times the loudest opinion can squash a great idea. The best ideas can come from the places you least expect it. An optimal situation is to set up a forum for ideas to germinate (and ensure everyone loses their egos at the door). Group dynamics are only possible when the leader or manager is a participant in the session (be it brainstorming, ideation, or a discussion).

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E for Effective

Posted Sep 25, 2007 & filed under Work

A good email marketing strategy can lead to major success. It's possible for email to look good AND be extremely effective.

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A "Sign" of the Times

Posted Sep 14, 2007 & filed under Work, News

We got a flashy new interior sign installed yesterday (some bling for the walls). The sign was designed and produced by Sue Cook and the team at Sue Cook Design. If you need high quality signage, she's the person to call. Thanks, Sue.

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First Impressions

Posted Aug 22, 2007 & filed under Work

Making a good first impression is paramount.That's why Tena Lokken chose to work with Carew Co. to create a personal calling card. As a creative assignment, this is a difficult challenge. How can you represent someone's personality when you just met them? Easy. Get to know them by asking good questions (and listening to the answers).

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Carew Co. has a Shingle

Posted Jul 8, 2007 & filed under Work, Boise

It's official, Carew Co. has office space. We'll be located in the historic Eagles Building in Old Boise. Being located above Java on 6th & Idaho will help for those coffee-fueled creative sessions of productivity. I'm still getting to know all of the baristas, but should be on a first-name basis with them all very soon. We're on the 3rd floor in Suite 310.

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