What does Idaho’s most famous lake monster do when she wants to relax?

Posted Mar 27, 2018 & filed under New Work, Show and Tell

Designer Lauryn Medeiros found herself taking this fantastical question pretty seriously when she was tapped to illustrate the poster for the 2018 McCall Winter Carnival.

McCallWinterCarnivalWear Boise — Carew Co’s sister business — often features work by Carew Co employees. So when Winter Carnival organizers approached Wear Boise with the assignment of creating a poster with a “There’s Snow Place Like Home” theme, Paul immediately thought of Lauryn and the woodcut illustration style she’s been perfecting for the past few years.

Lauryn — a self-described dragon lover — jumped at the chance to give a face to McCall’s mythical creature. But she didn’t just illustrate Sharlie; she created Sharlie’s entire watery-yet-cozy-world, down to her living room rug, pet goldfish, magic fire, and pom pom beanie.

“I do very happy art, so this was perfect for me,” she says. 

The reaction has been awesome: The carnival sold hundreds of posters and Lauryn has been feeling the love on social media.


Lauryn's Favorite Sharlie Facts:

  • Sharlie was first sighted in 1920, when loggers saw a log “move” on the water. More sightings followed in 1944.

  • She’s a girl. (We don’t know why.)

  • Sharlie is camera shy — no photos of her exist.

  • Sharlie’s original name was Slimy Slim. “She got a better name over the years,” Lauryn says.