New Work: M2E Power Website

Posted Dec 31, 2007 & filed under Work

Working with start-ups is a very rewarding opportuniy -- it's an honor to be involved at the ground floor (especially with a groundbreaking new, green technology). Boise-based M2E Power, leverages science based on the "Faraday Principle" to turn kinetic energy into power (to charge batteries and eventually mobile devices).After learning more about the physics associated with the technology, Carew Co. crafted a unique visual language for use in all marketing materials. These graphic elements support the scientific nature and specific applications of the technology, and create brand consistency. After defining a visual language, it was time to design the M2E Power web presence. The new website is the first application of the company look and feel.

We're proud to have M2E Power on the roster. It's incedible to have a client that was mentioned on one of my favorite high-tech blogs, Engadget (not to mention, Forbes, CNET, The Wall Street Journal, and The Nature Conservancy). Someday in the not too distant future, your wireless devices will automatically charge in your pocket.