New Work: The Cabin

Posted Feb 13, 2008 & filed under Work, Boise

I was flattered when Russ Stoddard (my former boss at Oliver Russell) sent The Cabin my way for help with a website redesign. During my tenure at Oliver Russell, I had the fine experience of helping to rename/rebrand The Cabin (formerly known as the "Log Cabin Literary Center"). I was very pleased to cross paths again with the folks from The Cabin -- they are a great group.The result of a few months of work has recently gone live at: The site is a valuable tool in support of the mission of the program and the core brand message, "Words Work Wonders." The goals we outlined early on were to: create a unique and ownable online destination, build an intuitive navigation, allow for easy-to-find tasks, and use the homepage as an ever-changing place to communicate what is going on.

Check out the site here.