Behind the Clouds, the Sun Is Still Shining

Posted Nov 24, 2020 & filed under Agency News, Work, Culture, Gratitude


We are so, so grateful for 2020. 

That might sound strange, but we are eternal optimists here at Carew Co. The Great Recession hit just a year after our founding, so we learned early on that there is always a way forward — and that path to brighter things is forged by relationships.

This year has reinforced our respect and admiration for our clients. They’ve brought us new challenges, they’ve pushed the bounds of our creativity, they’ve given us work when they could have tightened their belts. They put their faith in us, and in return we’ve been able to give them some of our most inventive ideas yet. 

So, in the spirit of honoring them — and our own belief that behind the clouds the sun is still shining — we’re talking about what we’re really grateful for this year. 


What's the work project you're most thankful for this year? 


Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh, Associate Creative Director
l am thankful to be working, period. But rebranding Among Friends and building the Visit USA Parks website has been fun.





Shailey Sievers


Shailey Sievers, Senior Art Director
All of them! When the reality of COVID-19 set in, I (along with so many people) was uncertain of what the future would bring. I would expect advertising and marketing to be one of the first industries to take a hit. Thankfully, our fearless leader Paul Carew was able to navigate the stormy seas and keep all of our team members employed with business coming through the door.  Although our day-to-day has required a shift to working remotely, I’m grateful we’re able to successfully complete our work online using tools like Zoom, Slack, and Dropbox to connect daily and share files.

It’s so hard to pick just one project as I enjoy most all projects that come through the door at Carew Co. One that comes to mind is Logan Saves Sharks. Eight-year-old Logan Archer came to us with a mission to save sharks. We helped him realize his dream by digitizing his logo and graphics and then applying them to a website where he raises awareness as to why sharks are killed and sells merch with all proceeds going towards shark conservation efforts. I loved this project because Logan was so bright, fun, and passionate about something he cares so much about. A great reminder for me to think larger than myself and that life is too short not to pursue dreams. Logan since has become a Shark Angels Youth Ambassador for a global organization, Shark Angels.


Aaron Kvarfordt


Aaron Kvarfordt, Graphic Designer
Not any one project in particular, but as a collective whole being able to stay busy working with a diverse range of clients all throughout this year; especially during a pandemic, where work can be uncertain and we are all on the lookout for each other.


Paul Carew


Paul Carew, Owner
I can't put my finger on specific projects, but it's been an incredible year with many new clients, new projects from existing clients, and continuing to work with the clients that have been with us since the beginning. We've enjoyed working with our higher education clients and tourism clients to navigate the pandemic and make constant tweaks to react to the unprecedented times we are in.

What personal thing, person, or situation are you most grateful for this year? 

Thomas Walsh

l am so grateful for Paul and his approach to COVID. We had no choice but to roll with the situation, but with Paul’s leadership, hard work behind the scenes, and the ability to change on the fly, we did not miss a beat. With all of the uncertainty, not once did we ever have to worry about losing our jobs, missing a paycheck, or being laid off. On the flip side, Carew Co. has thrived.





ln such weird times, my thankful list is pretty long. I’m thankful for incredible family and friends, although distanced, bonds seem stronger than ever. I live in an amazing place that provides beautiful wide open spaces with fresh air that I’m able to experience because I’ve been blessed with good health. I’m thankful that quarantine has helped me zone into self development, slow down, reflect future goals. Lastly, I’m thankful I have a job that has kept me fed and a roof over my head. 




There's a lot of things to be thankful for, but particularly for me it has to be how all of us at Carew Co. have been able to adapt and prosper all throughout the year; especially in recent times, with the transition from being in the office to working remotely. Although the scenery has changed, the commitment to the work and each other hasn't. It's comforting to know I can rely on Paul, Shailey, and Thomas and that I can do the same for them.






I truly enjoy coming to work every day. I am grateful to have such a fulfilling career and get to live the lifelong dream of owning my own agency and charting my own course. We're overwhelmed by the amazing opportunities we've received this year — especially the new projects that came to fruition at the beginning of the pandemic when we watched projects get tabled and budgets shrink. 

This year, we’ve experienced the challenges and satisfaction that comes with new tactics, technology, digital marketing, and web design techniques. The tirelessly creative Carew Co team always pushes for the big idea and constantly improves our work at every opportunity. 


We’re so grateful that our clients trust in us, collaborate with us, and give us the creative freedom to do our best work. We couldn't do it without you! We hope you have a happy — and safe — Thanksgiving and a relaxing holiday weekend.