The Children's Home Society

Posted Nov 20, 2008 & filed under Boise, Community, New Work

As the Children Home Society brings their service lines closer together, there was a need for a more cohesive brand identity and consistent marketing materials. Carew Co. was excited (and flattered) to take on the challenge.

Through the process of a Brand Discovery session and numerous conversations, we discovered some helpful facts to guide our design. We learned there is a perception problem — many of the folks in our community still believe the Children's Home is a home for orphans. We picked up on a couple of issues that were present in the original brand identity. The main identity has the shape of a building — the organization is not a home, but a "society" that helps children and families. Also, the main identity highlights the words, "Children's Home" As opposed to "Children's Home Society." These are important distinctions we needed to address in the new Design System.

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