AIGA coming to Idaho

Posted Jul 5, 2007 & filed under Boise, Culture

I'm excited about the possibility of AIGA in Idaho. As a member since 1996, it's been something I've missed greatly since I've been living in Boise. It's tough to get over to my "local" Portland chapter to participate.

Boise has needed this in a big way. This market is so compartmentalized. It's hard to meet people and share in our industry. AIGA is a good thing -- embrace it, Boise. Join up. Become a member. It's worth it.

I had the fine experience of attending the AIGA/Harvard Business School session last summer. It was an amazing experience, and I recommend it for any creative person who is charged with solving marketing or design problems for businesses.

Did you know AIGA is in China? It's about time, folks.