Urban Winemakers Cooperative

Posted Dec 19, 2008 & filed under Boise, Community, Culture, New Work

Out of a savvy business idea came a great creative opportunity.

When the cooperative was formed, we were brought in to consult on the brand identity, signage, website, and future marketing of this new wine destination. We knew the brand needed to capture the excitement of what's going on at the location, but also reflect the industrial chic setting (a Garden City warehouse). The brand identity was an opportunity for us to work as a cooperative. The concept came to life in Paul's sketchbook after a conceptual brainstorming session (read: morning shower). But, the style seemed to fit Nate's design sensibility and illustration style, so he was brought in to bring it to life. In the end, we're very proud of the results (as are three winemakers who call the UWC home).

Support local wine — look for upcoming events at the UWC!