The Proud Owner of an iPhone

Posted Jul 16, 2007 & filed under Technology, Culture

I'm a full-on Apple guy. I've owned over a dozen Apple computers and have purchased three iPods over the years. I'd say I'm a fan of the Apple brand. No question about it.

Originally, I planned to wait it out until the next rev of the iPhone. Until. Last Friday night. I had dinner with some friends and 3 out of 7 of them had iPhones. THREE people.

There are a million ways to justify the cost of an iPhone. But, how do you truly put a price on products with personality? On "cool?" After holding and using an iPhone for 30 seconds, I was sold (what can I say, I'm easily romanced by technology?).

First thing Saturday morning I hit the AT&T Store to make the purchase (it was so easy, I was suspicious). I had a small issue with charging the battery, but a quick Google search remedied the situation (you've got to use the wall outlet charge for a full charge). No problemo!