Making the most of "thank you"

Posted Aug 24, 2008 & filed under Technology, Boise, Community, Events

Earlier this year, we made an in-kind donation to The Cabin (formerly known as "The Log Cabin Literary Center"). Carew Co. is an official sponsor of the Alexander McCall Smith appearance at The Egyptian as part of the annual "Readings & Conversations" series. That said, this blog post is not meant to toot our horns — its meant to toot theirs. This is an important story. A story about giving thanks that non-profits, individuals, and corporate organizations can benefit from.

We have a special place in our heart for The Cabin — it's been a multi-year relationship based on trust, collaboration, and a mutual respect of creative freedom. We've enjoyed helping them to revamp the brand with a new website. We also enjoyed working on direct marketing, collateral, and event promotion throughout the year as part of our in-kind sponsorship.

For the record: the folks at The Cabin are a sharp bunch. Not only as individuals, but as an organization. They are consistent in their approach, helpful to the community, and thankful to everyone that supports the cause. They seem to work well as a team and as facilitators to fill a great need for our community.

As thanks for our donation, every single board member took the time to write a personal note. Every. Single. One. This really struck an emotional chord — it takes a lot of time to thank sponsors (there are 5 others just for the "Readings and Conversations" events alone...). Last time I checked, Board Members of non-profit organizations typically have a day job and are busy people (making a personal sacrifice for the good of a community). This is a smart action for the organization to take — we wish we could take credit for suggesting it. These activities properly thank donors, but also plant a seed for future requests. How could any donor forget the stack of thank you cards? How could they say "no" next year?

This is a fine example of foresight and strategic thinking. Any organization or individual can benefit from picking up a pen and writing a personal note — it goes much farther than an email. A proper thank you is always a great way to strengthen a relationship and set the stage for a great partnership. Whether you are a corporation, individual, or non-profit organization — make sure you have a plan to say "thanks."