Who Is Your Realtor?

Posted Nov 2, 2010 & filed under New Work, Show and Tell

Recently, Filmmaker / Actor Travis Swartz needed a house to shoot a scene in for his upcoming and guaranteed-to-be-hilarious film, "Nobody Cares." Lindsay from the Urban Agent Team offered up her living room and front porch as a location for the scenes. We were psyched to be asked to help with a spot for an upcoming event that The Urbans had sponsored (Ignite Boise). We suggested that they use their favor to work with Travis on the "Who Is Your Realtor?" spot.

Solid Concept + Great Lines + Talented Actor = Fun Spot

The process was simple: schedule a brainstorming session with The Urbans, generate typical industry sayings that a "closer" may say, and communicate the assignment to Mr. Swartz. As a group, we defined the stereotypes of real estate professionals that The Urbans will never be. As I've worked with Travis on other projects, I knew his style and abilities (there's no line written that he can't deliver). When we pitched the character to Travis, he named him "Myquel." Thus the collar-popping, earpiece-wearing, golf-course-urinating Realtor was brought to life in the spot that Travis stars in (and shot and edited).

Introducing  Myquel, your keeping it “real”, tor – Realtor, from your parent’s real estate company!