A Holiday Gift For Our Clients

Posted Dec 19, 2007 & filed under Boise, News, Opinion

I've always been fond of giving back to the community -- it's part of being a good citizen. Giving back has always been a high priority for Oliver Russell. During my 11+ years of employment there, this was one of many things that made working there a blast.

When I started my business, I decided that this was important to consider. Carew Co. provides services in the form of low and pro bono for many non-profit organizations (To drop a few names: The First Tee of Idaho, The Cabin, The Bridge, Children's Home Society of Idaho, United Way, and the Bogus Basin Ski Racing Alliance). Working with non-profits is a great experience that can be extremely rewarding.

This year, we're not sending fruit baskets, boxes of truffles, or tins of popcorn to our clients. Who needs it!? We decided to make a cash donation to the Idaho Food Bank for $1,000. It doesn't seem like much, but that provides to 5,000 meals that can be served. We had a busy year, so we're giving back.

Thank you Carew Co. clients large and small!