Go Forth and Prosper.

Posted Sep 27, 2010 & filed under Boise, News

Selfishly, we're sad to see Leigh Ann move on. On the other hand, we're very excited for her as she takes the next step in her career. Leigh Ann helped us make sense of how we work as a team and manage our workflow. She helped to streamline our process and nail down some important operational items during her tenure at Carew Co. She also made us smile and laugh. Often.

As a result of Leigh Ann's role, we're more organized and deliberate in our approach due to various processes that she put into place. Our workflow is well documented, communications are stronger, and information flow is improved. Leigh Ann's role has definitely allowed us to get to the next level as an agency.

In the future, Paul will be spending more time with clients and leading out all project work. This will give focus to his responsibilities and set up the agency for future creative growth. Paul is excited to dig into a more specialized role and looks forward to working more closely with our clients.

It's been an amazing growth year for Carew Co. We've expanded with existing clients, brought on new clients in Boise and from afar (Seattle and New York City), helped many non-profit organizations, and pitched exciting new business opportunities. Our creative team remains charged and ready, and our body of creative work continues to mature. It's a great ride and we feel fortunate just to be here!

Please help us to send Leigh Ann off with positivity, encouragement, and best wishes for the future as she starts the next chapter of  her career at Red Sky Public Relations. We will miss her spirit, hard work, and quick wit around the office.

Make us proud, Leigh Ann! Rock it.