Thomas Walsh is officially on board!

Posted Nov 28, 2010 & filed under News

We threw many projects at Thomas last summer to see how he'd perform under pressure and handle the workload. He passed the trial by fire with flying colors. Thomas is an enthusiastic learner and excited to take on every new challenge he is assigned. He continues to work through every project with patience and grace. Also, he continues to surprise us with great ideas at every opportunity.

Thomas has been a large part of the agency's project work and campaigns for our larger accounts. Thomas was the main designer-in-charge on the 70-page Season Program we designed for Ballet Idaho in September (as well as much of the print advertising and graphic design collateral for the account). Thomas was also a large part of the print collateral, advertising, and marketing materials for the I-way campaign we worked on as a creative partner to Red Sky Public Relations. In addition, Thomas is a contributing designer to the McMillen Engineering, SolReya, Grissini Trattoria, and Sustainable Community Connections accounts.

We're stoked to have a creative force like Thomas on staff. In the five months he's been around, Thomas has done solid work, won over many clients, and kept us laughing around the office during the day (as well as informed us daily on Boise State football standings).

Great to have you hear, Thomas! Keep up the great work.