Why Idaho Needs AIGA

Posted May 20, 2008 & filed under Boise, News, Opinion

This is great news, but how can it really help the Idaho design community? What does AIGA do as an organization to help the design community?

AIGA is about breaking barriers — locally, do you really know other designers from other agencies? Boise is such a (strangely) competitive market. This can be difficult for practicing designer, as there isn't an outlet to compare thinking and conversation about design. AIGA is our trade organization — a space for design professionals to bond and strengthen our community.

Influential ("famous") designers don't make it to Idaho as often as they should. I'm not afraid to admit it; Idaho is a bit off the beaten path...Not for long. AIGA Idaho has already been highly visible and embraced by the national chapter. The AIGA Idaho Board is working on the line up for events and speakers for this year. We've already made contact with some exciting guests and have some events in the early planning stages.

Our design community needs more conversation and consistency when it comes to business practices. There are many "interesting" situations that we face as designers. It's difficult to determine what falls in a gray area when it comes to ethics, intellectual property rights, spec work, and "design contests." Our industry will grow because of this affiliation with the national and other AIGA chapters.

Let's get to know each other. There are many designers in the area that I know through the work, but have never met in person. Boise and the state of Idaho are very fragmented. We need a better sense of community for Idaho. AIGA will be the catalyst for designers to meet, compare ideas, and better our industry.

This is an exciting step forward for Idaho. I look forward to the future for AIGA Idaho and our design community. There are many things that make Idaho a great place to live and work — this is just the icing on the cake.

If you're not yet a member, we need your support. If you're a design professional in Idaho, email me and I'll tell you why it's important to join.