Personality Matters

Posted Jan 9, 2008 & filed under Opinion

Companies and businesses, like people, need a strong personality to stand out. Consumers want to "connect" with brands/businesses/companies -- these "connectors" or "evangelists" are recommenders of products and services that they feel strongly about. The memorable personalities are the ones that stand out when competing for mind share. It's impossible to please everyone. A stronger approach is to build deep relationships with the "sweet spot" targets (read about Apple on for some insight on how they've built strong relationships).

Rohit Bhargava (VP of Interactive at Ogilvy) recently blogged about the importance of "personality" when it comes to marketing. His post validates many thoughts I've had on the role of personality and voice for marketing activities. It's crucial.

Every business, large and small, should consider and define the personality. It's the act of looking outward that offers the truly valuable opinions about a product, service, or business. What a business thinks their personality is can differ from perceptions in the minds of customers, partners, and employees (and, ultimately, the "truth"). I'm a big advocate of upfront research and measurability of every marketing activity. After all, they are all opportunities -- make sure your business makes the most of them.