The Importance of Original Content

Posted Dec 20, 2007 & filed under Opinion

In addition to your brand / business / organization having personality, it's also important to develop original content. This content may simply support your personality, but it also builds deeper relationships with your customers (and can differentiate your brand). I'm a huge believer in the power of blogging (I've been blogging since June of 2004) -- it's a great way to build a personality, offer original content, highlight expertise, and offer an opinion. Original content has value beyond the web (and should be leveraged in as many ways as possible). This content could be used as white papers to support specific business functions, email blasts, printed newsletter, topics for presentations or speaking engagements -- or simply in conversation.

A recent example of the importance of original content is the recently launched Cinder Wines website. Early in the information architecture phase, we decided a good measure of success would not only measure website visits and email newsletter sign-ups, but how much time visitors spend on the site. In support of this we created the "Winemaker Stories" section of the site. This content has personality that adds dimension to the brand, builds credibility, and brings visitors back for more.

According to website statistics, this "glimpse behind the curtain" has added up to visitors spending an average of 5:47 minutes on the site. This is a lot of time for this website -- as there aren't many pages to it yet. But, more importantly, it proves that people are reading the stories (the "Winemaking Stories" section is the 2nd most viewed page). It's a fact, crafting original content can make your brand memorable, build credibility, highlight expertise, and create emotional connections that didn't previously exist.