You Need a Blog

Posted Feb 1, 2008 & filed under Technology, Opinion

I've been discussing blogging recently with many of my peers, clients, partners (and anyone who will listen). Blogging is an simple way to create a personality, highlight expertise, and make deeper connections with your customers. Also, you get higher search engine rankings due to these activities -- that should be a good reason for any business (especially, if your competitors aren't blogging). Given that blog software is mostly free, and has a built-in Content Management System -- it also happens to be very inexpensive to set up.

I run into many hesitations as soon as the word "blog" enters the conversation with my clients/partners. The biggest worry I hear most often is the commitment to posting content on a near-daily basis. It's a fact that there is an inherent "promise" to blogging. If you don't keep it up to date (with good, original content), you may lose visitors. When I pry further in these conversations, I usually find out that these businesses are already creating original content in other areas of the business (newsletters, webinars, white papers, presentations, etc.). It seems to me that repurposing existing content may be a better idea than starting fresh.

I recently attended the first meeting of the Boise Bloggers group (more soon on this...). I had an interesting conversation with Sarah Lewis of Blogging Expertise about ghostwriting. If a business sees the need and doesn't have the time -- this is way to accomplish updates (and a trend in the industry). Hire a writer that has industry expertise or experience with the segment of business. If a blog is on a specific topic of industry, you may pull other posts and articles from the web and offer your opinion about the content. Go ahead. Start a conversation. Demonstrate expertise. Get people talking.

Still don't buy it? Read "Blogging: More Than Idle Chatter" in the February issue if Inc. Magazine -- 100 million blogs can't be wrong.

UPDATE: If you are in a corporate environment and also believe in blogging, here is an article on how to build internal support for a blog.