Show and Tell: Postcrossing

Posted Jul 30, 2009 & filed under Confab, Culture, Opinion, Show and Tell

I love random!  I love people!  I love getting personal things in the mail; the smallest note from someone is a gift!  All of these elements add up to why I love Postcrossing, The Postcard Crossing Project.

I’ve received seven postcards from complete strangers, from all over the world.  I get postcards with cityscapes, cultural importance, flowers, and my favorite: art.  Through my Postcrossing profile, I encourage the people sending me postcards to send me their original artwork.  Likewise, I paint or draw on blank postcards, then send them to the people that Postcrossing randomly picks for me.

For something so simple to do, the feeling of sharing something with random people all over the world is incredible!

My profile name on Postcrossing is: LiliVonShtupp

Shown above: a detail of a Postcard I received of a Spanish Mission