Google Mapplets are public

Posted Jul 12, 2007 & filed under Technology

In an effort to further take over the world, Google has released Google Mapplets to the public. This new visualization tool is incredibly powerful. Having the ability to see images and additional content tied to geographical information is handy as hell. For example, the image to the left shows the famous image of the flag being raised on Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwa Jima ("Famous Photos" mapplet).It's very easy to add content to your Google Maps. Simply click the "My Maps" tab and add content.

Some of my favorite Mapplets are:
- Flickr Photo Mapplet: see photos from around the world (over 2,248,529 photos as of this morning)
- Crop Circles: see images of crop circles around the world
- Wikipedia Mapplet: Geographical entries plotted on a map

This can help businesses in many ways. Retail chains could plot locations and show images of storefronts. Geography and History can be taught in new ways. UFO sightings and photos could be plotted. You get the point...