Thank you to our clients and our community.

Posted Dec 19, 2011 & filed under Boise, Community, Confab, News

Every year since we opened our doors for business, we've made a donation on behalf of our clients and partners to a local non-profit organization. Many agencies invest in printing some sort of over-designed holiday card with interesting printing techniques, sending oversized tins of popcorn in three bland flavors, or hosting some sort of post-work cocktail hour. We prefer to thank our clients with a tradition we've been fortunate enough to accomplish every year since we opened our doors for business — a $1,000 cash donation to a local non-profit organization. We received great response and have even watched some of our clients adopt a similar tradition with their organizations. We are proud to live and work in this community, and wish to celebrate the holidays with a helpful hand.

The recipient of our contribution this year is the Women's and Children's Alliance, an organization dedicated to providing "Safety, healing and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault." The WCA is an important resource for critical services to women and children who are victimized by domestic and sexual violence. As the WCA is celebrating 100 years of providing a safe place for women to live in our community, we felt it was apropos to donate to this organization this December.

According to WCA Executive Director, Beatrice Black, the WCA's services break down as follows:

  • $20 = hotline operation for two hours
  • $100 = shelter for one night for a woman and her children
  • $240 = three counseling sessions for a woman and her two children
  • $395 = four months of case management for a client

Beatrice added that our contribution "can provide the following services to a woman and her children: One week of shelter, three weeks of counseling sessions, and two hours of hotline operation; or ten months of case management for a client." Learn more about the WCA's accomplishments and astounding results here.

We appreciate our clients and partners and this donation is a way for us to demonstrate out thanks. We are grateful for your support and thankful for the relationships and people we get to work with on a daily basis. Thanks for another excellent year!