Creating a Brand That Makes a Splash

Posted Apr 4, 2021 & filed under Work, Case Studies, Branding, Logo, Packaging


It’s always a thrill to help a client launch their brand-spanking-new business. And when it's a local, independent business, the process is all the more rewarding. So we were bursting with excitement to bring Vitalize Juice Co. to life.

As the name suggests, Vitalize Juice Co. founders Sean and Audra are on a mission to help others feel healthier, more energized, and, well, vitalized. The husband-and-wife team are passionate about health and wellness, and they were such nice, genuine folks to work with.

Vitalize grows the ingredients for their cold-pressed, flash-frozen juices on their own indoor, vertical farm — no harmful chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides allowed. The nutrient-packed plants then go from growing room to juice in fewer than 10 minutes.

Shailey captured the Vitalize Juice Co. vibe perfectly with fun, vibrant branding. Line up a row of the company’s brightly-colored juices, and the labels look amazing. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the juices taste as good as they look. We were lucky enough to sample a few and were very impressed with how fresh and delicious they were.

Thank you, Sean and Audra, for trusting us with such an important job. We’re looking forward to watching Vitalize break new ground here in Boise and beyond! If you’re interested in learning more, check out the full case study.