Hitting Refresh on SRF

Posted Jun 15, 2021 & filed under Work, Case Studies, Direct Mail

Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms is one of the OG premium beef and pork mail-order companies in the country. They pioneered farm-to-table eating by raising cattle on their Washington ranch, handling the processing themselves, and packaging and shipping directly to some of the most loyal customers in the business.

Other companies have followed suit — and turned to Snake River Farms’ marketing as inspiration for their own. There is a definite look to the high-end meat industry: a little bit muted, a little moody, with lots of flaky salt and slate serving dishes. 

Snake River FarmsBut recently, Snake River Farms decided to shake things up to put a crisper focus on Father’s Day, one of the company’s most successful selling opportunities. SRF switched from a catalog to a smaller mailer format last year. This year, Snake River Farms hired Boise photographers Visionkit Studio to rethink their Father's Day mailer. 

“We thought we'd do something totally different,” says Dave Yasuda, SRF’s catalog manager. “I knew (Visionkit's) Matt Wordell from Treefort Music Fest, so I contacted him.”

Carew Co. Art Director Shailey Sievers chose a larger-format mailer to highlight the photos. Kaitlyn decided to showcase a full day — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — rather than organizing products according to price. Instead of choosing one family to feature throughout the piece, SRF jumped at the opportunity to feature a diversity of faces. 

“We chose three families and picked different-colored backgrounds for each family,” Dave says. “We wanted to be multi-generational, so we have young grandkids, teenage kids, and grandparents.”

SRF-post-insetWhen it came time to shoot, “I was majorly advocating that Visionkit should take the reins and do what they do,” Shailey says. “Heather Bee handled the props and Rebecca Robinson was the food stylist, and Visionkit is so good at setting up the scene.” 

The new look has been a great experiment for one of the most well-established companies in its market. 

“The whole thing looks different,” Dave says. “The feel of the paper stock, the finish — it stands out. We’re all really happy about it. It’s a total departure, and it’s going to see the kind of feedback we get from customers.”