No Ordinary Label

Posted Nov 13, 2020 & filed under Work, Show and Tell, Branding, Packaging


Imagine our surprise when we opened the November issue of Wine Business Monthly and saw one of our designs prominently featured in an ad! We didn’t know this full-pager from Bergin screen printing was in the works, but we are humbled and grateful.

We agree that this is “No Ordinary Label.” It’s no ordinary wine, either! Cinder Wines was our first official client, and we’ve enjoyed an amazing creative partnership with owners Melanie Krause and Joe Schnerr for nearly 15 years. 

As the winemaker, Melanie is super involved in the design process.The label featured in the ad the second iteration of Cinder’s label released in 2018. Our years of experimenting with silkscreen allowed us to get familiar with layering and metallic paints.

Bergin, our screen printing partner, did an excellent job taking the design and translating it to Cinder’s bottles. Overall, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the design, the process, the results — and the nod from Bergin!