Times Are Dark. But This Project Has Us Smiling.

Posted Mar 27, 2020 & filed under Work, Case Studies, Pro Bono

Logan Saves Sharks

A couple of months ago, back when the coronavirus was something happening somewhere else, our client Phil Archer asked Carew Co. to help his 8-year-old son with a project. Logan Archer is a little powerhouse on a mission to save sharks from the dangers of plastic and brutal practices like shark finning.

Help an 8-year-old save sharks? How could we say no?

LSS-Insetgraphic-7We treated our newest pro-bono client as we would any other. We invited him and his team (his mom, Krysti, and Phil) to the office for a kickoff meeting to plan a new website. Logan arrived wearing a tie and immediately took over the room — this kid is a force of nature! He soon had us spinning with stats, explaining that over 100 million sharks are killed each year for their fins (which are harvested while the shark is alive, leaving the animals to drown) and their teeth. We also learned about apex predators, why sharks are good for coral reefs, and the difference between ectotherms and endotherms.


Honestly, we learned a lot more, but our aging brains couldn’t keep up with this kid.

We could see why Phil and Krysti were so supportive and encouraging of his plan to sell apparel through the new site and donate the proceeds to Shark Angels. There’s just no saying no to Logan. He had a clear vision of the website he wanted, arrived with a ton of research, and even provided his own logo.

That logo served as the inspiration for the rest of the site. We especially love the shark eyes and teeth he added to the A and R (did you know that sharks can go through 30,000 teeth in their lifetimes? We didn’t.). We amplified Logan’s initial logo concept by giving it a professional design boost.



Art Director Shailey Sievers used Logan’s logo as the jumping-off point for the rest of the site’s design. She incorporated Logan’s preferred colors — blue, green, coral — and added his hand-drawn sketches to the mix.

As Krysti reported to us, Logan said, “ ‘YES!! THANK YOU!! IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN I IMAGINED!’ And then, as he moved through it, he kept saying, ‘I just can’t believe it,’ as he looked at each new page, followed by ‘Hey, that’s my shark! That’s my coral! That’s my crab! Look at my turtle!’ His drawings being embedded in the site were a HUGE hit.”

Luckily, Logan and his mom had written a first draft of the copy, so all copywriter Julie Hahn had to do was edit it and punch it up in places while keeping Logan’s tone intact. Lisa McGrath donated her legal services to make sure the terms and conditions were on the up and up.


Logan Saves Sharks is now live and has an online store where you can purchase his comfy apparel, blankets, and reusable grocery bags. We had great product photos to work with thanks to Logan’s aunt, who staged a photo shoot, and Logan’s siblings, who served as models.

We were thankful for an optimistic project that made us remember that each of us really can contribute to a better world.

As the news got darker and darker during the past week, we were thrilled to find this email from Krysti in our inbox:

“It really is so much more than any of us ever expected or even hoped for when Phil reached out to you. We were hoping for maybe a one-page site where you could click on a link to buy a shirt. You guys went WAY above and beyond on this project and literally made this kiddo’s dreams a reality. At first I was kind of sad that this was going to come out during this whole coronavirus thing, but now I think the timing might just be perfect. Everyone could use something to put a smile on their face right now, and if this website doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks, Logan!