The Girl Scouts of Siver Sage thank you, Carew Co clients!

Posted Dec 30, 2013 & filed under Boise, Community, Confab

We are proud to help the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage with a new and improved web and mobile presence that serves 4,400 girls and 2,300 adult volunteers. Helping the organization to “empower and encourage girls to become the best version of themselves” is a cause we are excited to support.

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College just got real.

Posted Apr 5, 2013 & filed under Boise, New Work, News, Show and Tell

At Carew Co., we had been anxiously awaiting the chance to push this campaign further and knew this was our opportunity. We've had an amazing partnership with the marketing team for many years and enjoy any opportunity to "mind meld" with our friends at CWI. As an extension of the marketing team, we bring ideas to the table, consult on the campaign strategy, and get the tactics accomplished.

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Giving to Gold

Posted Dec 18, 2012 & filed under Boise, Community, Confab

As an agency, we skip the elaborate holiday cards, tins of cookies, and gifts of fruitcake. We prefer to honor the strong client relationships we've built by giving back to our community and helping a non-profit organization. Every year since we opened our doors for business, we've awarded a $1,000 cash donation to a non-profit organization as a way to celebrate our good fortune and share it with others. We couldn't do it without our clients who put their trust in us every day to meet their goals.

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Thank you to our clients and our community.

Posted Dec 19, 2011 & filed under Boise, Community, Confab, News

Every year since we opened our doors for business, we've made a donation on behalf of our clients and partners to a local non-profit organization. Many agencies invest in printing some sort of over-designed holiday card with interesting printing techniques, sending oversized tins of popcorn in three bland flavors, or hosting some sort of post-work cocktail hour. We prefer to thank our clients with a tradition we've been fortunate enough to accomplish every year since we opened our doors for business — a $1,000 cash donation to a local non-profit organization. We received great response and have even watched some of our clients adopt a similar tradition with their organizations. We are proud to live and work in this community, and wish to celebrate the holidays with a helpful hand.

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Thank you to our clients

Posted Dec 31, 2010 & filed under Boise, Community, Confab, Events

Our clients, partners, and friends receive enough tins of popcorn, summer sausages, and fancy holiday greeting cards every year. We believe that it's more important to support the community during this time. We've stuck to our tradition of donating to a non-profit organization on behalf of our clients. This donation is a small way for us to say thanks — we appreciate your business and support.

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Go Forth and Prosper.

Posted Sep 27, 2010 & filed under Boise, News

Selfishly, we're sad to see Leigh Ann move on. On the other hand, we're very excited for her as she takes the next step in her career. Leigh Ann helped us make sense of how we work as a team and manage our workflow. She helped to streamline our process and nail down some important operational items during her tenure at Carew Co. She also made us smile and laugh. Often.

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Congratulations, Mr. Hanson

Posted Jun 8, 2010 & filed under Boise, Events, News

When I first met Nate, he was about to graduate and start a job search. I've always followed the design program at NNU and typically review the portfolios of the graduating class every year. During an annual portfolio review, I ran out of time and didn't get to meet everyone. I made time to get a quick glance at each portfolio I missed. I was immediately drawn in by Nate's work and through a quick conversation, discovered a mature, talented, and motivated young man. In June of 2008, I took the leap and hired him on as an intern. By Fall, Nate had proven his value and was brought on as Carew Co's first "official" hire.

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To Our Community. From our Clients.

Posted Dec 26, 2009 & filed under Boise, Community, News

In 2009 we grew, learned, and crossed off a number of accomplishments. We are proud to say that we brought on a full-time hire (very excited to have you along for the ride, Leigh Ann!). We’re grateful to our clients, partners, and those of you who refer us.

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Cupcake Collective

Posted Aug 16, 2009 & filed under Boise, Community, Culture, Events

Cupcake Collective, an event headed by Carew Co.’s Leigh Ann Dufurrena, was held August 15th at The Linen Building.  With 2500 cupcakes, over 100 cupcake making participants and hundreds of cupcake connoisseurs – the community cupcake carousal was a great time for all and raised over $3000, benefiting TrICA (Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts). Success never tasted so sweet!

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Social Media a la Mode

Posted Jul 7, 2009 & filed under Technology, Boise, Confab, Culture, Opinion

I have a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and Art. I like to think of myself as a visual communicator. I’m another creative mind in the office, trying to hone in where I can best apply myself. I’m here for Carew Co., our clients and projects, gluing it all together.

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