Meet Shailey Sievers

Posted Mar 20, 2017 & filed under Confab

We’re really excited to announce our newest addition to the Carew Co. team: Shailey Sievers. Shailey is an amazing designer, city league basketball player, and branding enthusiast who joins us from Davies Moore.

She graduated with her BFA in graphic design (plus a minor in business) from Boise State University in 2013, and since then she’s done some really fantastic work for the Nature Conservancy, the Idaho Steelheads, and White Cloud Analytics. Her favorite project so far has been for a new website for Usful Glassworks, a local nonprofit that helps marginalized people get jobs. 

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Embrace Relationships. Do Better Work.

Posted May 13, 2016 & filed under Confab, Opinion

Strong relationships are the antidotes to boring work.We’re lucky to have awesome clients who believe in us as much as we believe in them — and over time, we’ve learned that maintaining great relationships helps us as much as it helps our clients.

We’ve learned tons about trust and creating great relationships over the years, but one of our longstanding clients schooled us early on about the importance of honesty and trust.

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Say Hello to Lauryn

Posted Mar 22, 2016 & filed under Confab

We’ve been really fortunate here at Carew Co — since our founding, we’ve employed super smart, talented creative folks, and this month we’re happy to introduce our newest office mate.

Lauryn Medeiros is graduating soon from Boise State with a degree in graphic design, but she’s no stranger to the Treasure Valley. Originally from Mountain View, California (home of Google), Lauryn grew up visiting family friends in Kuna and earned a degree from the College of Idaho. She also studied illustration at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and worked briefly as an art teacher back in the Golden State, but graphic design kept calling her name.

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We love bold clients. Case in point: CSHQA

Posted Feb 7, 2016 & filed under Case Studies, Confab, New Work

Idaho’s oldest continually operating architecture firm was in desperate need of a new look.

CSHQA, founded in 1889 by William Campbell (the “C” in CSHQA), is responsible for many of Idaho’s most iconic buildings. But its website was not living up to the firm’s stellar reputation and did not reflect the company’s nationwide growth and influence — it was 10 years old and dated.

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Meet the Intern

Posted Jan 25, 2016 & filed under Confab, News

We’ve never had an intern before. Not that we have anything against them — honestly, it just never really occurred to us to hire one! Not until, that is, Glenna Rose Hanson called our office and said, “How about I be your guinea pig intern? It will be great!“ How could we pass up an offer like that?

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What ‘Whip/Nae Nae’ taught us about social media monitoring

Posted Dec 4, 2015 & filed under Technology, Confab

We’re big fans of “Whip/Nae Nae” around here (and not just because it’s an earworm). It’s because — crazy as it sounds — it had a big part in showing us the power of social media monitoring.

See, our clients aren’t new to social media. Nearly everyone has some presence these days, either on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or more. But how should our clients make the most of that presence? How can they convert all of those followers into evangelists — and sales? It’s no longer enough to just have the data. Without a great analytics tool, you can’t move your social strategy forward.

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It's a launch!

Posted Nov 24, 2014 & filed under Confab, New Work

After 5+ years, we finally got around to redesigning our website.

This is definite cause for celebration around the Carew Co office, as our old site was in disarray for years. We have updated the site to share the latest and greatest of work, which you may now view in our Work section. We have finally taken our own medicine and launched a responsive version of our site. It's been difficult to explain to our clients why our site isn't responsive...the best explanation is simply, "You know, the cobbler's shoes..."

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The Girl Scouts of Siver Sage thank you, Carew Co clients!

Posted Dec 30, 2013 & filed under Boise, Community, Confab

We are proud to help the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage with a new and improved web and mobile presence that serves 4,400 girls and 2,300 adult volunteers. Helping the organization to “empower and encourage girls to become the best version of themselves” is a cause we are excited to support.

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Giving to Gold

Posted Dec 18, 2012 & filed under Boise, Community, Confab

As an agency, we skip the elaborate holiday cards, tins of cookies, and gifts of fruitcake. We prefer to honor the strong client relationships we've built by giving back to our community and helping a non-profit organization. Every year since we opened our doors for business, we've awarded a $1,000 cash donation to a non-profit organization as a way to celebrate our good fortune and share it with others. We couldn't do it without our clients who put their trust in us every day to meet their goals.

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Thank you to our clients and our community.

Posted Dec 19, 2011 & filed under Boise, Community, Confab, News

Every year since we opened our doors for business, we've made a donation on behalf of our clients and partners to a local non-profit organization. Many agencies invest in printing some sort of over-designed holiday card with interesting printing techniques, sending oversized tins of popcorn in three bland flavors, or hosting some sort of post-work cocktail hour. We prefer to thank our clients with a tradition we've been fortunate enough to accomplish every year since we opened our doors for business — a $1,000 cash donation to a local non-profit organization. We received great response and have even watched some of our clients adopt a similar tradition with their organizations. We are proud to live and work in this community, and wish to celebrate the holidays with a helpful hand.

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