The three best things about being a graphic designer

Posted Dec 9, 2019 & filed under Opinion, Industry


The old adage do what you’ll love, and you’ll never work another day in your life seems cliche, but it rings true for those of us who are living it. I’ve always been drawn to making my imagination a reality. Whether I’m working with amazing clients or tinkering on weekend side projects, I love the challenge each one presents and the various ways to go about solving them. Here are the top three things I love about being a graphic designer.

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Make Your Card Count: 7 Tips for Creating Keepable Business Cards

Posted Aug 5, 2019 & filed under Work, Opinion

Email. Slack. Text. Social. With so many ways to communicate, what’s the point of an old-fashioned business card?

In a word: Presence.

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Embrace Relationships. Do Better Work.

Posted May 13, 2016 & filed under Confab, Opinion

Strong relationships are the antidotes to boring work.We’re lucky to have awesome clients who believe in us as much as we believe in them — and over time, we’ve learned that maintaining great relationships helps us as much as it helps our clients.

We’ve learned tons about trust and creating great relationships over the years, but one of our longstanding clients schooled us early on about the importance of honesty and trust.

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We are Graphic Designers.

Posted May 13, 2011 & filed under Technology, Community, Confab, Culture, News, Opinion

We are skilled at many things: crafting strategic marketing plans, conceiving creative advertising campaigns, building beautiful websites, designing thoughtful interfaces, and harnessing technology. That said, we are Graphic Designers! We value illustration, typography, color theory, infographics, and all things design. Specifically, we help our clients meet business goals with strategic design — design that gets results and hits your target audience right in the kisser. When hired, we ask a lot of questions of our clients and we push them to share their expertise. We're in it together, striving to reach a common end goal...and, exceed it.

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Show and Tell: Postcrossing

Posted Jul 30, 2009 & filed under Confab, Culture, Opinion, Show and Tell

I love random!  I love people!  I love getting personal things in the mail; the smallest note from someone is a gift!  All of these elements add up to why I love Postcrossing, The Postcard Crossing Project.

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Social Media a la Mode

Posted Jul 7, 2009 & filed under Technology, Boise, Confab, Culture, Opinion

I have a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and Art. I like to think of myself as a visual communicator. I’m another creative mind in the office, trying to hone in where I can best apply myself. I’m here for Carew Co., our clients and projects, gluing it all together.

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Logo or Brand Identity?

Posted Jul 28, 2008 & filed under Boise, Culture, Events, Featured, News, Opinion, Statistics

Both logos and brand identities demand the skill set of a visual designer and conceptual thinker. A logo requires an exploration of typography, color, symbology/iconography. Crafting a brand identity requires those important raw materials, as well a search for more meaning and deeper knowledge of what the organization truly stands for. The end goal is to visually represent the brand to attract your "sweet spot" target audience to your brand.

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Why Idaho Needs AIGA

Posted May 20, 2008 & filed under Boise, News, Opinion

This is great news, but how can it really help the Idaho design community? What does AIGA do as an organization to help the design community?

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Fresh Meat

Posted Mar 28, 2008 & filed under Boise, Events, Opinion

Last Tuesday evening, I had the wonderful experience of being a part of "mock" interviews for the soon-to-graduate graphic designers at NNU. I've done this a few times in the past, and have always enjoyed it immensely. For this to be a part of any design program is amazing. The students are getting to experience an interview AND be critiqued on their performance. This is an extremely valuable experience that will make them better interviewees and hopefully allow them to stand out in the marketplace.

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AIGA: The Student Transition to Agency Life

Posted Feb 16, 2008 & filed under Boise, Events, Opinion

I've always been passionate about helping young, up and coming graphic designers. I try to give as much time as I can to students and young designers. I've taught as an adjunct professor at Boise State, spoke numerous times at NNU, reviewed hundred of portfolios, and have been getting involved with the local AIGA Chapter. These opportunities are rewarding for me personally (and hopefully helpful to the designers I continue to meet over the years). I've had many valuable mentors as a student and throughout my career. The process of "paying it forward" is one that I've always believed in -- it's important to the industry as a whole.

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