No Ordinary Label

Posted Nov 13, 2020 & filed under Work, Show and Tell, Branding, Packaging

Imagine our surprise when we opened the November issue of Wine Business Monthly and saw one of our designs prominently featured in an ad! We didn’t know this full-pager from Bergin screen printing was in the works, but we are humbled and grateful.

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The 2020 Rockies Awards: Celebrating Creativity In 3D

Posted May 17, 2020 & filed under Work, Show and Tell, Awards

These days, a lot of us are indulging in guilty pleasures. A quarantini here, a binge-watch there...treating ourselves is saving our sanity. One pleasure I’m not feeling guilty about is celebrating Idaho’s creative community with the 2020 Rockies Awards.

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What does Idaho’s most famous lake monster do when she wants to relax?

Posted Mar 27, 2018 & filed under New Work, Show and Tell

Designer Lauryn Medeiros found herself taking this fantastical question pretty seriously when she was tapped to illustrate the poster for the 2018 McCall Winter Carnival.

Wear Boise — Carew Co’s sister business — often features work by Carew Co employees. So when Winter Carnival organizers approached Wear Boise with the assignment of creating a poster with a “There’s Snow Place Like Home” theme, Paul immediately thought of Lauryn and the woodcut illustration style she’s been perfecting for the past few years.

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College just got real.

Posted Apr 5, 2013 & filed under Boise, New Work, News, Show and Tell

At Carew Co., we had been anxiously awaiting the chance to push this campaign further and knew this was our opportunity. We've had an amazing partnership with the marketing team for many years and enjoy any opportunity to "mind meld" with our friends at CWI. As an extension of the marketing team, we bring ideas to the table, consult on the campaign strategy, and get the tactics accomplished.

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New Work: Red Sky Public Relations

Posted Apr 4, 2011 & filed under Technology, New Work, Show and Tell

We've been thrilled to watch the agency expand and succeed in the past few years and have enjoyed a wonderful partnership with our friends at Red Sky. In late 2010, we were hired to update and modernize the Red Sky website in terms of the Interface Design, Blog Integration, and Website Code. The new site launched in January of 2011 and has been very well received.

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Who Is Your Realtor?

Posted Nov 2, 2010 & filed under New Work, Show and Tell

Recently, Filmmaker / Actor Travis Swartz needed a house to shoot a scene in for his upcoming and guaranteed-to-be-hilarious film, "Nobody Cares." Lindsay from the Urban Agent Team offered up her living room and front porch as a location for the scenes. We were psyched to be asked to help with a spot for an upcoming event that The Urbans had sponsored (Ignite Boise). We suggested that they use their favor to work with Travis on the "Who Is Your Realtor?" spot.

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Show and Tell: Postcrossing

Posted Jul 30, 2009 & filed under Confab, Culture, Opinion, Show and Tell

I love random!  I love people!  I love getting personal things in the mail; the smallest note from someone is a gift!  All of these elements add up to why I love Postcrossing, The Postcard Crossing Project.

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