Is Content Marketing Worth It? A Look at Southern Idaho Tourism

Posted Oct 10, 2016 & filed under Work, Statistics

When we started our agency, content marketing wasn’t really part of the plan — in fact, we’re not sure the term had been invented yet. But as our agency has grown, so have our practices. These days, we’re positively evangelical about content marketing and the power it has to build relationships and boost business.

Every piece of content marketing works symbiotically with the rest to create one specific thing: Action. Blog content feeds social media, which drives users back to the website, which keeps them engaged with calls to action, which spurs a free download or newsletter signup — and all of that, if done correctly, builds awareness and spurs purchases.

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Logo or Brand Identity?

Posted Jul 28, 2008 & filed under Boise, Culture, Events, Featured, News, Opinion, Statistics

Both logos and brand identities demand the skill set of a visual designer and conceptual thinker. A logo requires an exploration of typography, color, symbology/iconography. Crafting a brand identity requires those important raw materials, as well a search for more meaning and deeper knowledge of what the organization truly stands for. The end goal is to visually represent the brand to attract your "sweet spot" target audience to your brand.

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A year. In review.

Posted Jul 1, 2008 & filed under Boise, Events, New Work, News, Statistics

Carew Co. was founded on July 1, 2007 — it's safe to say that we've covered some serious ground in our first year: We helped a roster of 28 businesses and organizations during the past year, and found satisfaction in every opportunity. We've launched 8 websites (there are 3 currently in production), created 5 logos, completed 3 branding sessions, designed 3 sales collateral kits, 5 business cards, 2 brochures, a series of packaging, a major signage project, 3 direct marketing campaigns, 3 print advertising campaigns, 5 email blasts, and countless other projects along the way.

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STATISTICS: Time it takes to print an 88-page catalog

Posted Nov 27, 2007 & filed under Statistics

Quantity: 5,000 catalogs
Press time: Over 24 hours
Binding time: 2 days
Press checks: 13

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STATISTICS: Number of Business Cards Designed

Posted Oct 21, 2007 & filed under Statistics

Since Carew Co. opened it's doors on July 1st, we've designed business cards for 11 people from 7 businesses.

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STATISTICS: Breakdown of Work

Posted Sep 6, 2007 & filed under Statistics

How the current projects shake out: Consulting/Strategy: 5%, Brand Identity: 20%, Graphic Design: 15%, Advertising: 10%, Direct Marketing: 15%, Interactive/Web 35%

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STATISTICS: Days in flip flops

Posted Jul 17, 2007 & filed under Statistics

Days since the Carew Co. grand opening: 11. Days in flip flops: 9.

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