Websites: More Than Marketing.

Posted Dec 11, 2018 & filed under Technology, Work

We’ve designed and built countless websites over the past 11+ years. Many of them are branded online experiences that serve to differentiate a product or service. They have beautiful design, reflect the brand and values of an organization, have strong user interfaces, and are a great responsive experience online.

But what happens once the site is launched? (Besides high fives, of course.)

For many of our clients, the next step is a plan to maintain their web presence. To double down on the investment and ensure success, we need to think beyond marketing and hammer out a sales strategy. The website should be a key tactic in customer acquisition and retention.

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What ‘Whip/Nae Nae’ taught us about social media monitoring

Posted Dec 4, 2015 & filed under Technology, Confab

We’re big fans of “Whip/Nae Nae” around here (and not just because it’s an earworm). It’s because — crazy as it sounds — it had a big part in showing us the power of social media monitoring.

See, our clients aren’t new to social media. Nearly everyone has some presence these days, either on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or more. But how should our clients make the most of that presence? How can they convert all of those followers into evangelists — and sales? It’s no longer enough to just have the data. Without a great analytics tool, you can’t move your social strategy forward.

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We are Graphic Designers.

Posted May 13, 2011 & filed under Technology, Community, Confab, Culture, News, Opinion

We are skilled at many things: crafting strategic marketing plans, conceiving creative advertising campaigns, building beautiful websites, designing thoughtful interfaces, and harnessing technology. That said, we are Graphic Designers! We value illustration, typography, color theory, infographics, and all things design. Specifically, we help our clients meet business goals with strategic design — design that gets results and hits your target audience right in the kisser. When hired, we ask a lot of questions of our clients and we push them to share their expertise. We're in it together, striving to reach a common end goal...and, exceed it.

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New Work: Red Sky Public Relations

Posted Apr 4, 2011 & filed under Technology, New Work, Show and Tell

We've been thrilled to watch the agency expand and succeed in the past few years and have enjoyed a wonderful partnership with our friends at Red Sky. In late 2010, we were hired to update and modernize the Red Sky website in terms of the Interface Design, Blog Integration, and Website Code. The new site launched in January of 2011 and has been very well received.

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New Work: Barrique 33 Wine Tours

Posted Aug 28, 2010 & filed under Technology, Culture, New Work

In order to sell luxury tours in the United States, Claude was in need of Brand that truly represents the Bordeaux experience. The Brand Identity needed to capture the heritage and juxtaposition of historic Bordeaux culture and modern/luxury travel. Our design team knew we had something when Ryan Lascano shared his initial sketch of a hand-drawn typographic mark. Our clients loved the reflection of traditional typography and the highlighted '33' to represent the French code for the region.

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Social Media a la Mode

Posted Jul 7, 2009 & filed under Technology, Boise, Confab, Culture, Opinion

I have a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and Art. I like to think of myself as a visual communicator. I’m another creative mind in the office, trying to hone in where I can best apply myself. I’m here for Carew Co., our clients and projects, gluing it all together.

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Vale Wine Co. Website

Posted Jan 27, 2009 & filed under Technology, Boise, Culture, New Work

We're fortunate to have met Winemaker John & Vicki Danielson and their business partners. They are great clients/people who were active participants in the process are open to our ideas and opinions along the way. Due to this balance and ability to be trusted guides in our exploration, the result is something we're very proud of.

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The Best Way to Help the Most People

Posted Sep 22, 2008 & filed under Technology, Boise, Community, New Work

The creative team consisted of David Cook (SMG), Kristy Weyhrich (W Design), Dave Sloyer (Wirestone), Paul Carew (me) and our wonderful clients at United Way of Treasure Valley (It's important to mention that the video work was donated by NXNW and the photography donated by Todd Meier). The campaign, titled "The Best Way to Help The Most People," changes perceptions of the organization. Our research uncovered that there were some misunderstandings by the general public. For example, the fact that 100% of donations stay local and every penny of every dollar donated goes to the community (operational costs are underwritten by corporate champions). The campaign works hard to dispel some of these myths and inform the public on the truth.

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Making the most of "thank you"

Posted Aug 24, 2008 & filed under Technology, Boise, Community, Events

Earlier this year, we made an in-kind donation to The Cabin (formerly known as "The Log Cabin Literary Center"). Carew Co. is an official sponsor of the Alexander McCall Smith appearance at The Egyptian as part of the annual "Readings & Conversations" series. That said, this blog post is not meant to toot our horns — its meant to toot theirs. This is an important story. A story about giving thanks that non-profits, individuals, and corporate organizations can benefit from.

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Posted May 28, 2008 & filed under Technology, New Work, News

It was a behemoth project with many technology upgrades and new functionalities. It was a well-planned and organized affair on both sides of the fence — a true client/agency collaboration. We're thrilled with the final results and very proud of the work.

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