We’ve Embraced Virtual, And It Works

Posted Oct 2, 2020 & filed under Agency News, Culture


It’s been seven months since Gov. Brad Little issued a stay-at-home order in response to COVID-19.

Seven really, really long months.

At this point, who doesn’t have pandemic fatigue? Life before COVID was stressful enough, but for almost all of 2020 we’ve had this constant, invisible terror shadowing us. It’s tempting to take off our hot, sweaty masks and gulp down the fresh air. It’s tempting to pile into the office for a group brainstorming session or to visit our awesome clients on-site. It’s tempting to just act like everything is normal again.

But it’s not.

That’s why we’ve politely declined every invitation to in-person meetings. It’s not that we don’t love our clients — we do! — but until it’s confirmed safe by health experts, we’re just not going to take any chances.

We’re not taking chances because we have little ones.

We’re not taking chances because we have immunocompromised loved ones working side-by-side with us in our home offices.

We’re not taking chances because we’re teaching our kids at home, and being a parent comes first. 

We’re not taking chances because our clients, partners, family, and friends who have had the virus report feeling ill for weeks.

We’re not taking chances because we have lost family to this terrible disease. 

At Carew Co, we’ve discovered that we’re resilient people. We switched to home offices quickly and painlessly (Paul is still working in the 6th Street office on his own), and we’ve discovered that we can do anything via Zoom. In fact, we were pretty expert at this before COVID came along because we have clients in multiple time zones! 

All that said, there’s a loneliness that can only be filled by seeing and interacting with our other humans. We miss seeing our clients in person and we miss normalcy and we miss not worrying all the time. Stay healthy, and hopefully we’ll meet again soon.